Working Wear

  • PoloManga Larga Alta Visivilidad Policia Local

    PoloManga Larga Alta Visivilidad Policia Local

    The polo shirts is formed by 4 parts: collar,body, and cuff also high visibility tape for chest.

    Both of collar and cuff are different weave comparing with body fabric, they are knitting rib 1X1. More suitable for wearer.

    The front and the back body are made of two pieces weft knitting fabric joint under chest, by a flat seam using a four-needled covering machine and with stitch type 607.

    The fabric are same quality but different color. Upper part is high visibility pique fabric can do meet EN 20471 standard. We choice 4 channel silver yarn, Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial activity effective against the bacterial STAPHYLOCOCCUS AUREUS ATCC 6538. The original fabric, after 24 hour contact time, will show a 99% reduction in growth. And fabric after 30 time washing with a 24 hour contact time will show a 95% reduction in grown. The fabric’s absorption time is very short