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It is only one size for all of user to protect the soldier’s knees, made up of the protection and the fastening system. The closure of the fastening system is positioned on the outer area of each knee. The design and measurements is allow to be worn by the user while running, crawling, kneeling on the ground and marching, without it moving or causing injury to the soldier. The knee pad’s measurements is 230mm high by 180mm wide at the ends.

The protection is include of a semi-rigid outer protection, a pad with a cover and the fastening system.

The semi-rigid outer protection which Material that will provide toughness and sufficient flexibility to the element to ensure that the user does not suffer any harm in the joint whilst performing combat operations. It is made up of a concave semi-rigid sheath of injected plastic. The sheath is joined to the outer protection using six plastic rivets. It approximately measure 185mm high by 155mm wide.

The pad and cover element used to reduce any possible impacts to the user’s knee generated by the activities performed by the combatant. It is positioned in between the outer protection and the knee.

The pad is inserted into a cover made from two pieces of fabric (outer and inner) joined together by a flat seam. In order to achieve the ergonomic shape of the protective cover, a horizontal dart is made on each side and on both sides, and they are positioned in the centre of it. This seam aid the user’s knee bending movements. The pad is also incorporate two side grooves, an upper seam and a lower seam that allow the aforementioned ergonomic shape to be acquired.

The fasten system made up of two tapes, an upper elastic one and a lower one, positioned horizontally on the lower edge of the cover, measuring around 40mm wide by 355mm long. They are folded over onto themselves in order to hold a triangular-shaped plastic buckle to fasten with a rivet positioned on the knee pad, on the opposite side to the tape. In order to gather up the excess elastic tapes, once the knee pad has been adjusted, each tape has a piece of velcro, hooked side, measuring 25±2mm high by 30mm long, sewn onto the end of the elastic tape using a vertical seam, which is also used to join it to another piece of velcro looped side, with the same height and 90mm long.

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