• ss camiseta desert

    ss camiseta desert

    The camisole is made of front, back, sleeve and collar. All of parts are same fabric camouflage printing infrared fabric. Both of front chest there is a pocket covered by a flap made by double layer fabric. Closed by a 4-hole button. The body flap is double layer fabric too, and one the left side, there are 6pcs buttonholes ,and accordingly, right side same position are buttons. Bottom hem is 2cm width. Both of fabric and garment style are accepted to customized. Fabric feature: ●Anti-infra...
  • soft shell

    soft shell

    The style can be inserted in the raincoat to keep user more warmer. It is made of front, back, sleeve, and collar. Front body is closed by a resin zipper. Both of each side has joint seam under chest. There is a side pocket for each side and closed by zipper. Above chest, both side of zipper flap, have patch 5CM width go up to collar seam. Each shoulder also have patch 15CM length joint with shoulder seam. At the bottom of body, there is a hem width 2cm indert a elastic band to keep bottom p...
  • spain combat uniform woodland old version

    spain combat uniform woodland old version

    The front and back part, are made from a single piece of fabric, Collar is straight made from a double layer fabric with a line of coverstitching from the edge. The sleeve which is closed and joined to the fronts, back and yoke by a loaded seam or a two-needled closing machine.The bottom of the sleeve finished off with an interfaced, double-fabric cuff, It is closed using a button and buttonhole. At elbow height and (110 ± 5) mm from the bottom of the sleeves (cuff included) a rectangular pat...


    The hat is with curved peak, completely lined, with an inner band and front with foam filling to give it consistency. It is comprised of: headpiece, peak, regulating system and headband. At the centre of the crown’s lining there is a label sewn on. Front of hat, there is a badge made by high quality of PVC, both of two sides, there is a button to joint with banding round of front head. The hat is suitable for head 52cm to 60cm.


    The cap is sports type it made up of crown, sweatband, peak, lining, and front with embroidered emblem. The crown formed by 6 segments joined together, with their seams protected on the inside. On the back part it has a semi-circular window measuring 80 mm wide by 60 mm high. The window is bound with bias binding that is 18 mm wide and overstitched on the inside with a flat seam. This window is house the adjustment system that is made up of two sets of pieces: First: sewn on the left hand sid...
  • track suit-sweat shirts

    track suit-sweat shirts

    It is sports track suit, made by high quality of polyamide/elastic fabric. Both front and back body are made by 2 pieces fabric.Each two pieces for whole garment,the union seams between both front and these with the rear and the rest of the pieces,they are flat to avoid discomfort to the user. The collar is made by 2 layer fabric exactly same as body material. Front flap is closed by zipper length 2cm with a rubber elastic zipper puller. Is easy to be handled. Both bottom of waist and cuff, a...
  • police polo ss

    police polo ss

    Short-sleeved polo shirt, in men’s and women’s versions. It is made up of 2 fronts without darts and with a false flap at the centre, back, sleeves, collar with buttons and epaulettes. They will be made up two pieces, cut and sewn along the grain of the fabric. Along the central part of the front, there will be a flap which will be functional on the upper and lower parts, whilst the centre is false or decorative. The false flap has overstitching along the edge and it has 4 decorative buttons....
  • local police polo

    local police polo

    Two-coloured, sports garment, made up of front, back, collar and sleeves. Front part is made up of two pieces: an upper piece in a high visibility yellow colour and a lower piece in a dark navy. It has an epaulette sleeve-holder on each shoulder, It is sewn onto the join of the shoulder with the sleeve; the other end, at the area close to the neck. Back part is made up of two pieces: an upper piece in a high visibility yellow colour and a lower piece in a dark navy blue, is same as the front ...
  • guardia civil ss polo

    guardia civil ss polo

    This style is divided into front piece, back piece, collar and sleeves. The front piece is composed of a whole piece, and there are three reflective tapes ironed on the fabric, of which the ironing is horizontally under the bust, around the front and back, and the other two start from the shoulder seam and are connected to the parallel reflective tape. There is a LOGO on the front chest of the body, and the placket is made of body fabric and closed by three buttons. The collar is a shirt coll...
  • pouch 1

    pouch 1

    The Open-Top MOLLE Ammo Pouch has been designed with an open top for quick and easy access. The magazine is held firmly in place with a shock-cord retainer that has a quick-release webbing tab to make it easy to operate even when wearing gloves. The pouch is fully compatible with all MOLLE systems with two rear fixing straps with strong and secure press-stud closures. Made from high tear resistant digital anti-infrared fabric ●Close quarter battle (CQB) pouch ●Compatible with MOLLE systems ●T...
  • pouch 2

    pouch 2

    We offer a range of quality grenade pouches in various colours and camouflage such as Spanish and italian as well as black  and khkai,green which are suitable for tactical purposes. Our range includes pouches designed for smoke, anti-personnel and 40mm grenades mostly with versatile MOLLE fixings for use on your belt, vest, webbing and MOLLE compatible kit. Our ammo pouches designed for pistol, rifle and machine gun ammunition compatible with all MOLLE and PLCE based webbing with drop leg opt...
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